Securing Your Ride with ATV Insurance

There is nothing like the thrill of an all-terrain or off-road vehicle. The wind on your face as you watch the beautiful landscape zip past. ATVs are such an adrenaline ride to any recreational activity enthusiast. However, riding an ATV can also be quite unpredictable. An all-terrain or off-road vehicle literally means “all-terrain” and you can expect bumpy roads, steep slopes or even an accidental collision with another rider. No one wants to have this scenario.  The statistics alone tell why: In 2014 there was a recorded 93,700 ATV-related injuries treated in emergency rooms across the country according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

You will find that an all-terrain or off-road vehicle may be dangerous to riders and those around them and due to the popular nature of these off-road rides they are also prone to getting stolen and may be quite expensive to repair when damaged.  It is for this reason why it is a necessity to have ATV insurance. This is essential if you wish to ride in a state park, you need to get basic all-terrain vehicle insurance coverage as this is required by law. North Central Insurance company offers top-of-the-line and basic ATV insurance coverage so you can have peace of mind when enjoying your all-terrain vehicle. Talk to any of our agent reps today to know more about our all-terrain vehicle insurance policies. 

How to Get ATV Insurance

It is very easy to get all-terrain vehicle insurance. Getting an online insurance quote for an ATV or an off-road vehicle is quite similar to that of a motorcycle. The main difference is you enter ATV in the vehicle information section instead of motorcycle. If you have any questions on getting information about all-terrain vehicle insurance quote, our friendly agent reps are standing by to provide you with everything you need.

Our Coverage Options

Bodily Injury Liability

This ATV insurance coverage pays for damage done to other parties that are killed or injured in an accident associated with your all-terrain vehicle. The insurance coverage also covers for legal fees that can result from any  litigation filed against the owner of the insurance policy. In both cases, this section of the ATV insurance policy shall cover up to the claim limits of the policy. The limits of bodily injury liability are usually an amount per person and a total amount per accident irrespective of the number involved. Our agent reps can explain more about the coverages available and provide you with an online quote.

Tips to Prevent Injury and Liability Claims

Prevention is always better than cure in any situation and in order to avoid injuries and liability claims arising from your ATV, there are a number of things you can do on your own.  Make sure that you keep your ATV secured and in a garage so that only people with your expressed consent and supervision may use it. Keep in mind, even if the person did not have permission to use your all-terrain vehicle, you can still be liable for any injuries that may arise from using it.

Every ATV has safety guidelines attached to it and not following these can put you and other riders at risk.  A good example would be weight restrictions. Never overload or haul unauthorized items not meant for ATVs. Most ATVs are designed for single—person use and there is a recommended size of a person driving an ATV. Also, never operate any vehicle or machine if under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Getting an online insurance quote is free and won’t cost you anything. The information you gather can help make an informed decision.

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Property Damage Liability

We offer personal ATV insurance that covers damage an ATV driver might cause to another individual’s property. The insurance coverage includes personal property like personal belongings including their home and their yard.  Property damage liability insurance also features a claim limit per damage situation. This limit is usually  as much or lower compered to the per-person limit of the ATV policy’s cover for bodily injury claims.

Medical Payments

If you want to have more than the usual all-terrain vehicle insurance policy, this is what we recommend as the coverage can pay for any medical expenses incurred by those operating your ATV. The extent of coverage includes operations, diagnostic exams, hospital stay and possibly even ambulance conduction.  Please talk to any of our agent reps to know more on how you can avail of the full extent offered by this coverage as well as other options you can enjoy.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Should you encounter in an accident another person or motorist or the person that borrowed your ATV does not have ample ATV insurance or any insurance policy for that matter, this coverage can pay for the expenses. You will find that if someone else is found to be at fault they should be the one to cover your expenses or at least their insurance company. However, even when insurance is a requirement under the law you can never really be sure if that other individual or third party will cover for any damages and injuries to you or your ATV. This is where this specific policy shines and can really give you the added peace of mind you need when you are out there enjoying your ATV.

Collision Coverage

As the name suggests, the  all-terrain insurance policy will cover for any damage to your ATV caused by a collision with another vehicle or in the event it overturns. You can choose a deductible amount which is the amount you pay before the insurer begins to cover the costs and the insurance company can take care of the value of the ATV. If you want to keep your premiums manageable, check to see if how much your ATV is worth before you opt for this cover. Usually, collision coverage is needed for ATV owners who financed the purchase of their all-terrain vehicle or are simply leasing it.

Comprehensive Coverage

 This ATV insurance coverages can take care of any damage to the ATV that is not caused by a collision with another vehicle. This cover can protect you from losses due to theft, earthquakes, flooding, vandalism, fires and other possible causes. Similar to collision, comprehensive coverages has a deductible value. For instance, if your ATV was stolen, you can file your comprehensive insurance claim and the insurer will pay up to the cash value of your ATV in order to replace it.


ATV owners need to know that there are certain situations that may be excluded from ATV insurance coverages because of very high levels of risk or due to illegal behavior on the part of the ATV user.  You won’t be able to get all-terrain vehicle insurance cover if you ride your ATV on highways and roads as this is considered an illegal activity. Keep in mind also that there may be a few exceptions to the rule as any local government across the country might allow ATV use on roads and highways that were marked specifically for it. Usually these roads are on state-owned property like reserves or large parks. Do be on the lookout for signage pertaining to ATV use and never assume that you can get your ATV on any trail, highway or road.

Cost of ATV Insurance

At North Central Insurance company, we value your business and strive to provide you with  personal insurance products that are not only beneficial but also easy on your budget. If you want to get the best ATV insurance rate, we recommend that you compare online quotes first before purchasing an insurance policy so that you are fully informed of your options.  The evaluation for all-terrain vehicle insurance is based on a number of factors such as rider risk,  vehicle make and model, driving history, where you live and much more. If you want to know more about how much you need to pay for your ATV insurance and how you can save on the cost, our friendly agent reps are ready to help you and answer any questions you might have. Call us today or go online to request a quote to know your options.


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