Motorcycle Insurance Policies & Coverages

There is always something romantic about riding a motorcycle on the open road. The gentle roar of the motorcycle engine can fill anyone with such a rush and the freedom it offers is second to none. Perhaps a lot of people dream of getting a motorcycle and riding it with someone special.  Since a motorcycle does not offer the same level of protection as a 4-wheeled automobile can, all the more you need the right motorcycle insurance coverage to ensure your safety and that of others. North Central Insurance company can provide you with  a quote for the best insurance coverage to ensure you enjoy your time on the road in relative ease and confidence.

Motorcycle insurance offers financial cover in the event that a motorcycle accident ensues or there is loss, theft or damage to your motorcycle.  The insurance policy that you get include liability coverage in the event you are found responsible for causing injury to another person or causing property damage. Here at North Central Insurance we provide top-of-the-line personal insurance coverage for all types of motorcycles such as choppers,  state-of-the-art street bikes also known as crotch rockets and mopeds. 

If you have recently bought a motorcycle or owned a unit for quite some time and want to know your options if you can get the best insurance coverage for it, our courteous and knowledgeable agent reps can answer any questions you may have. Call us or you can go online and get an easy quote so you will have a good idea of what you can get to ensure complete insurance coverage for you and your motorcycle plus any accessories you want included in the cover too.

Our company can offer both Standard and Customized Coverage for your motorcycle.

Our standard coverage policy quote can cover for:

  • Cost associated with damage to your bike
  • Compensation in the event that you injured another person or damaged their property or legal fees to cover due to the accident, known as property damage and bodily injury motorcycle liability coverage

Our Customized Insurance Coverage offers the following benefit and options:

  • Full replacement of your motorcycle, in the event that it is totaled
  • Our comprehensive coverage quote can cover the cost of loss or damage due to other causes aside from collision. The insurance cover can include hail and other damage caused by weather disturbances, damage caused by animals and motorcycle theft
  • Our quote can offer full protection coverage for medical payments if hospital care or service is necessary
  • We can offer you an online quote to include uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage options should another driver is found to be at fault and does not have the capability or the insurance to fully pay for the cost
  • The policy can cover loss or damage to your gear including upgrades like sidecars, custom exhaust pipes and equipment, transport trailers as well as your safety apparel like helmets and chaps
  • Mechanical breakdown coverage provides cover for the cost of specific components in the event that you have a mechanical breakdown, this is dependent on the year, make and model of your insured motorcycle
  • Medical Payments is an optional coverage that can pay for excess medical payments for you or any person you have given permission to ride your bike and any passenger no matter who was at fault
  • Rental Reimbursement policy can pay for expenses incurred for renting a substitute bike when your current one is not operable for over 24 hours due to a covered loss
  •  Roadside Assistance service policy which includes trip interruption reimbursement, 24-hour emergency towing and road service, replacement of battery or blow out tires and more

When choosing motorcycle insurance coverage it is best to strike a balance between getting protection for yourself versus the risks you face what you can afford to cover. North Central Insurance company is here ready to assist you in customizing your coverage. Our online agent reps are ready to provide you with a quote that you can afford and enjoy. Call us today to know your options.

Amount of Motorcycle Protection Coverage

How much actual motorcycle insurance do you need? What insurance policy coverage should you request a quote for? What are your options? Well it really depends on several factors including the bike you own and how you intend to use it. 

For instance, fast motorcycles known as  a “crotch rocket” or a super sport motorcycle have higher premiums. Also, if you prefer to increase the amount of motorcycle liability insurance to cover hospital coverage and medical care then that is factored into the amount you need to pay in order to enjoy your insurance coverage.  Any motorcycle with a very high horsepower-to-weight ratio that is meant for speed and high maneuverability also has a higher risk of serious injuries to the driver and to others may be more costly to insure but definitely the coverage is well worth it.

People that enjoy dirt biking for leisure may want to request a quote to increase their motorcycle insurance coverage too as the close-quarters ride and crowded venues can also put you at a higher risk of injury, bike damage, increased risk of injury to a fellow biker or competitor as well as potential damage to their property or equipment.  The requirements for motorcycle insurance coverage can vary depending on where you live so we recommend that you call and talk to any of our agent reps to help guide you on designing a motorcycle policy that best protects you. Call us today to know more about how we can help you. We strive to provide you only with the best service possible.

Importance of Motorcycle Insurance

You need a personal motorcycle insurance policy for the simple fact that you need to protect yourself and others including your bike from the unforeseen. Motorbikes are prone to theft and loss as they are easier to steal than cars. Aside from that, they are also easier to strip down, rebuild and sell once they are stolen. Motorcycles also carry a lot more personal risk to the driver and passenger compared to regular vehicles.  Here are several reasons why:

  • Motorbikes are by nature small and therefore hard for other motorists to see on the road at night and with bad weather
  • The fact that bikes are more maneuverable and faster, makes them all the more hard to see
  • Two wheels can mean a second of inattention can lead to disastrous consequences
  • Even though there is safety apparel, operators cannot enjoy proven life-saving features like seatbelts and air bags in the event of a collision
  • There is a high rate of serious and fatal injuries from motorcycle crashes as the driver has very little protection versus a car that has steel reinforcement and airbag safety
  • Recovery of stolen motorbikes are rare as thieves can easily remove each part and apply for a salvage title

Motorcycles are fun and they are indispensable to some people for work, leisure or competition. Why risk yourself by not getting the right coverage from your insurance company. If you intend to use your motorcycle on a big highway, race it either for fun or competition, it is now more than ever very important that you get the right motorcycle insurance coverage.  Let North Central Insurance be your guide in getting the best coverage for your motorcycle.

How to Lower your Motorcycle Insurance Premiums

If you want to lower the cost of your personal motorcycle insurance here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Get certified for a motorcycle safety course
  • Always ride safely and remain free from claims
  • Purchase an older motorcycle with lower value
  • Purchase a bike with a smaller engine (below 600cc)
  • Compare your online motorcycle insurance quote with other insurance providers to get the best-discounted company rates
  • Make sure you have a clean driver record

Above all it is your safety that matters. Be prepared for any eventuality that can cover the cost of emergency medical treatment and rehabilitation as well as repair and replacement of your motorcycle. North Central Insurance is the only insurance carrier you will ever need so you can have peace of mind and confidence on the road. Call us today to request a free quote.


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