RV Insurance Policies & Coverages

There is nothing like the appeal of the open road. Driving across the state or all over the country is best done in an RV because a recreational vehicle has all the bells and whistles to satisfy your creature comfort needs and that of your family. Going on the road on your RV and trailer means meeting or encountering a lot of people and you get to see a lot of places and cars along the way. You discover and cherish new memories and experiences about life on the road.  Wouldn’t you want peace of mind on your RV adventure journey?  RV insurance is a way for you to enjoy your travels without having to worry about the unforeseen.  North Central Insurance is the company that offers the most reliable RV insurance that suits your needs and budget.


RV insurance is a type of insurance policy you get that offers protection from loss related to your recreational vehicle. A recreational vehicle refers to motorhomes but RV insurance may also apply to small campers,  teardrop trailers, travel trailers, truck campers, fifth wheel trailers, Toterhomes and also pop-up campers too.  At its core, an RV insurance acts like an auto insurance policy and therefore you will need to select deductibles and policy limits.  However, RV insurance can also be a hybrid of sorts between auto and homeowner insurance as the coverages can include the engine, wheels, auto parts as well as items in your home.

Is RV Insurance Required?

Towed – If the recreational vehicles is being towed then your insurance is probably optional depending on where you live. For instance, a Teardrop trailer is towed behind a vehicle and therefore, not driven. RV insurance is optional under most state guidelines.  However, if you bought an RV via a financing plan through a lender company, then you will need to secure full  RV insurance coverage.

Even if it is optional in some states, an RV insurance  online quote is something you cannot live without. You request for an insurance quote so you can have peace of mind should anything untoward happens. It is best to have liability coverage and not need it, rather than need RV insurance and not have it.

If the RV is being Driven – Like all vehicles, you will need to get a quote online and purchase recreational vehicle insurance before you take it out on your journey.  A motorhome or a Toterhome will require RV insurance.

Is Auto Insurance Enough?

While your RV is in essence functions like a car but bigger and has more amenities, your auto insurer agent will only quote you a conventional auto insurance policy.  However, this is not enough as the gaps created and limitations of the auto insurance policy can be a costly experience you do not want to have.

Traditional auto insurance will essentially treat your recreational vehicle like a normal auto and therefore will not provide coverage for amenities such as a kitchen and bathroom.  They will essentially cover one section of the RV, which is the “v” or vehicle portion only.

You need an insurance policy that covers both the “R” and the “V” therefore a recreational vehicle insurance policy designed for you is the answer.  RV insurance can cover for things that you encounter on the road as well as provide coverage for your personal items, cover for emergency expenses and replacement cost too. It acts similar to what boat insurance does for boats.

Cost of RV Insurance

The cost of cover depends on a lot of factors. Here is how the insurance agent factors the cost of  the online RV insurance quote as determined by your vehicle. 


RV Class

Class A

This is by far the biggest and most opulent (not to mention most expensive) motorhome in the market.  The RV can range anywhere from 21 to 40 feet in length and can sleep up to eight people at a time.  A Class A motorhome or RV is like a small bus that is equipped with all the latest technology and comfort amenities.

Class B

These are known as your camper vans and is normally the smallest among the different RV classes and range somewhere between 16-21 feet in length and is capable of sleeping up to four people at a time.

Class C

The midrange class of RV and is around 20-33 feet in length and can sleep up to six people at a time. These are often referred to as mini motorhomes.

The cost of your RV insurance is dependent also on how often you use the RV whether full time or part time, your driving history, record of accidents and past claims, deductibles and limits you select, additional riders such as coverage for your personal items, cover for roadside assistance and such. 

Other factors that determine the cost include:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Whether married or single
  • Insurance credit score

Types of RV Insurance

North Central Insurance offers a variety of RV insurance policies guaranteed to provide the best cover for your investment.

Full Timer RV Insurance

Full timer RV insurance is a kind of recreational vehicle insurance for people that treat their RV and trailer as their home and like any homeowner, you want your home to have the best insurance liability service coverage possible.  A Full-Timer RV insurance coverage can offer liability coverage similar to homeowner insurance and it is designed to provide cover for losses associated with parking an RV and trailer or using it as your main residence.  The RV insurance can also cover for medical expenses as well as emergency coverage too.  On top of the full-time liability insurance policy, ask our agent reps for a quote on renter’s insurance also to help protect your personal belongings separate from the recreational vehicle.  This offers the best safety coverage when you travel with your RV.

Part-Timer RV Insurance

If you do not treat your RV as your residence and only use when you travel on road trips and on occasion then a part-timer RV insurance or campsite insurance is what you should get.  You will find that this type of recreational vehicle insurance offer almost the same benefits as a full-timer policy and also includes medical expense cover for you as well as the people around your recreational vehicle

Coverage for RVS and Campers include the ff:

  • Collision Coverage
  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Personal Injury Cover
  • Limited Property Damage
  • Property Cover
  • Comprehensive Cover 

For Campers

  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage

Personal Property & Protection Coverage

RV insurance can provide cover for your personal property while driving it or if it is safely parked. For example: cellphones,  laptops, flat screen TVs and even dishware.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

This cover works similar to how an auto insurance policy works. If your RV was involved in an accident with someone that does not have any insurance or in a hit and run situation, this policy will get you coverage from such a scenario.

Personal Attachments Coverage

This cover will get you protection for your TV antenna, awnings and satellite dish.  You will be happy to find that having this coverage as part of your recreational vehicle insurance policy can be very handy if you encounter really bad weather.

Collision Coverage

Is insurance coverage for damage as a result of your RV & trailer hitting another vehicle. The cover can pay for the service to fix the damages regardless of who was at fault.

Full Replacement Coverage

Should your RV be destroyed or stolen when you travel, you will be able to get it replaced with 100% full replacement cost coverage. 

Medical Payment Service Coverage

The RV insurance policy will provide cover for medical expenses for both you and your affected passengers should your RV become involved in an accident resulting to injuries. The cover is provided regardless of who is at fault. That is complete peace of mind. Talk to any of our North Central Insurance agent reps if you want this specific cover.

Storage Coverage

This cover cuts down the premium payments by almost 50% when you do not need to travel and hence place your RV in storage. This is the perfect arrangement you will find for part time RV users who prefer not to use their RV during wintertime.

North Central Insurance also offers the best comprehensive RV cover and provides protection from:

  • Damage due to vandalism
  • Theft
  • Damage due to falling objects
  • Fire protection
  • Storm Protection
  • Flood Protection
  • Other natural disasters

Roadside Assistance

If you like using your RV motorhome when you travel for prolonged periods of time on the road then roadside assistance coverage is a must for you. RVs are a big investment and parts do not come cheap. The last thing you need is to get stuck somewhere when you travel without someone to call. Roadside RV insurance cover can cover the cost if your RV breaks down due to:

  • Mechanical or electrical issues
  • Faulty battery
  • Flat tire
  • Lock-out
  • Lack of oil, fuel, water and other vehicle fluids

Pet Injury Coverage

For pet lovers, you can now rest easy and bring your beloved pets with you on your RV.  This coverage can take care of any pet problems that you may find when your pet is with you on the road. Call us today or visit us online to know more about this.

How Much RV Insurance Do You Need?

The best answer to that question is as much as you can afford to provide you with the protection you need not just for yourself or your family but also for your guests,  your RV investment and your other personal property.  Still not sure what RV Insurance to get? Call and talk to any of our North Central Insurance agent reps. We will be glad to provide you with a quick online quote that best fits your needs and lifestyle.


As a full service insurance agency, we stand for you, our valued customers in your time of need. We have the freedom to find the best possible value and coverage designed especially for you from among the many quality carriers we represent. We can show you how to protect your home and your family.