Get the Right Coverage and Protection with Snowmobile Insurance

If you love using your snowmobile, you know all about the value of protecting yourself from the freezing cold but what about protecting yourself from other hazards? How about your  passengers and the sled?  When was the last time you checked if you had adequate snowmobile insurance. Keep in mind that not all insurance policies are designed to provide the policy owner with complete protection. Do you have adequate snowmobile insurance? Or is your insurance coverage just part of your auto and homeowner insurance?

Here at North Central Insurance company, we provide our sled owners with a bespoke insurance policy that best fits their needs. Our agent reps are at the ready to assist you for an online quote of our service

We offer Snowmobile online insurance quotes for:

  • Collision, comprehensive coverage, accessory, uninsured & underinsured motorist property damage claims
  • Medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury claims, funeral expenses
  • Bodily injury liability and property damage liability

Why You Need the right Snowmobile Insurance

There is no fun to be had when you try to dig yourself out from a snow mound. However, try digging yourself out from an avalanche of expenses and trying to save your assets when there is an insurance claim against you.  At North Central Insurance company we take care of you. We can help protect you with our very affordable snowmobile insurance service. We can customize your policy in order to fit your needs and budget.  This is the reason why you should not rely only on your homeowner or auto insurance. If you are a very active snowmobile enthusiast let us help you get the right coverage. We can customize an online quote for you in order to show your individual preferences so you can have insurance that can perfectly cover your every move including your passengers and your sled.  Our snowmobile insurance coverages  are some of the best that you can get anywhere in the country. We are at your service. Call our friendly agent reps to know more about the coverages available.

Our snowmobile insurance coverage can provide protection for an array of scenarios. Our basic insurance policy may include the following features:

  • Collision coverages
  • Comprehensive
  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability

Your snowmobile requires protection that is different from that offered by your homeowner insurance.  Our snowmobile insurance  is completely customizable so you have the freedom to select what level of protection you prefer. Call our agent reps today to request an online quote.

Different Coverages Available


Collision insurance coverage can help pay for indemnities to your snowmobile if it is involved in an accident that involves collision with another vehicle or snowmobile. The coverage is provided regardless of who is at fault.


Comprehensive snowmobile insurance coverage can get you assistance to help pay for damages from a non-collision cause such as loss from fire, theft, hitting a deer, vandalism and more.

Coverage for Accessories

This snowmobile insurance covers items added to the snowmobile that is not included as standard items by the snowmobile maker. These are aftermarket items that include but not limited to storage bags, windshields, custom seat covers, skid plates and may even include riding gear like helmets if these are used exclusively for the snowmobile.

Uninsured/underinsured Motorist Property Damage

The insurance cover can help get additional protection against harm to your snowmobile caused by a motorist that does not have adequate insurance or no insurance at all.

Personal Coverage

Medical Payments

This kind of snowmobile insurance cover can get you assistance to help pay for excess medical expense for the insured snowmobile’s driver or passenger regardless of fault and is subject to coverage limit and deductible.

Uninsured/underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury

The insurance coverage can provide additional protection in case of injury or death if you are involved in a snowmobile accident with another person or motorist that do not have adequate insurance or does not have any insurance at all.

Funeral Expense Coverage

This insurance policy can pay for up to  the predetermined amount for funeral expenses associated with an accident resulting in death of the insured person that is driving the insured snowmobile.

Coverage for Others

Bodily Injury Liability

This insurance cover an help provide protection if you are the one that is at fault in a snowmobile accident that results to injury, disability or death of another person.

Property Damage Liability

This can provide protection if you damage another person’s personal belongings caused by your snowmobile.

Other Options available online for a quote include:

  • Year round coverage if your snowmobile is wrecked or stolen during the off-season
  • After market parts and accessories coverage
  • Towed trailer and transport trailer
  • Additional collision cover
  • Increased liability limits to help cover the cost of a lawsuit or liability claim

Why You Need Snowmobile Insurance?

Snowmobiling is considered a risky winter activity for a variety of reasons.  First, these vehicles can go extremely fast and the fact that the trails are multi-use and there is a high probability of poor visibility can make snowmobiling a very dangerous activity. Also if there is considerable snow cover it can make it quite difficult to detect hazards on the road such as rocks, open water and tree stumps. Every year the amount of people involved in snowmobiling accidents resulting to personal injury and destruction to personal belongings is quite high. How do you protect yourself from the possibility of a claim? Getting the right snowmobile insurance quote is a start. Snowmobile insurance can help protect you from costs associated with property damage be it yours or another person’s. The insurance can also cover medical payments for medical costs and  loss including legal fees as well as the expense of a lawsuit.

Cost of Snowmobile Insurance

There are several factors that come to play when it comes to computing the cost of your snowmobile insurance.  Here are some of them:

  • Make and model of the snowmobile
  • The state where you reside
  • Where you intend to use the snowmobile
  • The age of the driver using the snowmobile
  • If you are going to take passengers along or allow or let other borrow the snowmobile
  • Whether you intend to use it solely for recreation, business or for competitive racing
  • The amount of deductible you select
  • The kind of insurance coverage you choose to have

The amount of snowmobile insurance you require for your vehicle depends a lot on your personal circumstances such as the value of the sled and how often you intend to use it. If you are thinking of getting basic coverage be sure to get liability coverage as this is probably the most basic requirement of the state where you live in so you can operate your sled.

If you ride your snowmobile a lot or you own a newer and more expensive brand, we recommend that you add collision and comprehensive coverage as well. If you want the full protection then consider buying the optional trailer insurance, cover for aftermarket upgrades and accessories including coverage without a “lay-up” period. This is an off-season period where you do not have any coverage and your snowmobile is simply kept in storage.  Call our friendly agent reps today to get a quote.


As a full service insurance agency, we stand for you, our valued customers in your time of need. We have the freedom to find the best possible value and coverage designed especially for you from among the many quality carriers we represent. We can show you how to protect your home and your family.