Who says only kids get to own and enjoy toys? Grownups also own “toys” but they are more expensive and are considered major investments. Many people have recreational toys like ATVs, watercrafts, boats, RVs and motorcycles. As most of these grownup objects are used outdoors, they can cause potential damage to life and property not to mention damage from accidents, from normal use, theft and fire. Want to give your investment the security it deserves? Toys insurance is what you need to ensure protection from liability should the unforeseen happen. Here at North Central Insurance, we can provide you with the information you need to help provide adequate coverage for you.


Whether you use your RV occasionally or it’s your seasonal home-away-from-home, we can customize your policy to make sure you have the insurance you need.


Whether you use your RV occasionally or it’s your seasonal home-away-from-home, we can customize your policy to make sure you have the insurance you need.


Whether you use your RV occasionally or it’s your seasonal home-away-from-home, we can customize your policy to make sure you have the insurance you need.


Whether you use your RV occasionally or it’s your seasonal home-away-from-home, we can customize your policy to make sure you have the insurance you need.


Don’t rely on a policy designed for your home’s protection to provide adequate protection for your ATV or snowmobile. Let us find the insurance coverage you need.


Life is full of unexpected surprises – some fun, some not. At North Central Insurance, our job is to help you even out those troublesome bumps in the road.

What are Toys Insurance?

The insurance represent two different categories namely valuable, luxury collections and recreational vehicles such as boats, motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft. As these are generally expensive and most consider them an investment, toys insurance coverage are a necessity.  When you buy an ATV or all-terrain vehicle its size and functionality shows that there is a significant liability risk involved in owning and operating one. It is also important to note that similar but small “vehicles” like a motorized car for kids and hover boards with lesser risk for damaging personal property are still considered risky as one cannot but be concerned if one does not have adequate toys insurance also for these if they cause an accident or injury to others. Here at North Central Insurance, we can help you find the right insurance coverage for your specific item. Call or visit our site to get a free online quote.

You may be thinking that you already have homeowners insurance but is it enough to provide the necessary coverage? It is important that you ask yourself the ff questions: Will the motorized device be driven off the property? Is it capable of going faster than 3 mph and does it have 2 or 4 wheels?  Since recreational vehicles like an ATV or motorcycle or watercraft are often used in a casual and free-spirited manner, the risk of getting them damaged or causing injury to a person or property is much higher.

At North Central Insurance, our insurance coverage include:

Liability Coverage

In the event that you are sued because of bodily injury or property damage, this toys insurance cover can protect you from such a scenario.


The coverage includes damage caused by your recreational vehicle such as a watercraft when it is hit or it hits another object.

Comprehensive Coverage

This can cover for damages or loss from theft, fire and vandalism.


The insurance policy can cover the cost of not just your injuries but also of those of your passengers in the event that an uninsured or underinsured individual gets involved in an accident. An example would be a hit and run scenario or if the other watercraft driver cannot present any insurance coverage.

While a basic insurance coverage is all you require to take care of most liability risks and damages, there are items that would require supplemental coverage in order to protect from risks specific for them. For example, boats and other watercraft require wreckage and removal coverage and recreational vehicles may require roadside assistance coverage.

Our friendly agent reps are here to help you understand what risks the recreational vehicles encounter and the right insurance coverage that is perfect for them.  At North Central Insurance we provide affordable and reliable insurance programs specifically designed with your requirements in mind. Our insurance products not only keep your adequately protected personally but also your valuable investment too.  Contact us today for a free online quote and information.

Why do you Need Toys Insurance Coverage?

Even if you are the most responsible ATV owner, motorcycle rider, watercraft expert out there, there is no way to say that you will never encounter an accident or injure someone while operating your vehicle.  Toy insurance can help pay for the damage to person and personal property and can help pay for medical expenses.  Our insurance benefits can provide you with the peace of mind you’ve always wanted.  Talk with our friendly agent reps to get more information or ask us for a quick online quote free of charge. Even if you are the safest motorcycle or watercraft driver out there, it is imperative that you look into whether your toy is covered by an insurance plan. We can help you determine the best coverage option that is right for you.

What you need to know

Depending on the toy insurance cover you have along with the kind of insurance company you signed up to, different types of motorized vehicles may or may not have adequate coverage.  What you should do is to ensure that there is enough liability cover in your current homeowners insurance. For example, if someone suffers an accident while riding the watercraft and you do not possess enough liability insurance coverage, then you will end up having to foot the medical and legal fees yourself.  Another thing to consider why you need insurance is the fact that most homeowners insurance does not provide liability cover once they are no longer in your property.  To put it simply, if someone from your family or a friend borrows your recreational vehicle and takes it to the park or somewhere else and they injure another person or cause damage to personal property, without proper insurance to provide cover, you may not have adequate protection to cover claims from the potential litigation that usually follows.

Recreational vehicles like ATVs and watercraft and such are not simply used only for amusement as they can carry you from one place to another. They provide a means of transporting you with adequate comfort and maximum fun. Just because they are associated with play, it does not mean they do not require the same insurance cover for your other pieces of property. As a matter of fact, they do require more in terms of protection as they have a lot of potential for liabilities. With the right toys insurance coverage you can rest easy knowing that whatever happens you and your investment are protected.  Call us today or request a free quote. We can help you pick the right insurance coverage that is best for you and your budget.