The car industry has always been one of the most technological advanced industries around. Recently, they have not disappointed the public and have come out with 5 amazing safety features that are making the road a safer place.

Make sure to look for these 5 features when looking at your next car.

1. Night vision. On a small screen on the dashboard of the vehicle, a night vision picture of what is ahead is projected, making pedestrians and animals more visible to drivers at night.

2. Lane drift warnings. If the vehicle senses that it is drifting into another lane when the turn signal is not engaged, an alarm will sound, alerting the driver to the problem.

3. Automated braking. When the vehicle senses that the driver has rapidly shifted from the accelerator to the brake, much faster than the usual gradual slowing, the vehicle will apply more pressure, stopping the car even faster.

4. Pedestrian detection. Using radar and a camera, the vehicle will “see” a person or car that moves into the way of the vehicle and alert the driver. If the driver does not react “appropriately” to the situation, the car will automatically come to a complete stop.

5. Occupant sensitive airbags. These airbags detect the size, weight, position, and posture of a passenger and the speed of the vehicle and will adjust accordingly to provide the best coverage.

While all of these features make the road a safer place, they cannot eliminate all car accidents. Contact North Central Insurance for more comprehensive auto insurance coverage in Minnesota. 763.241.7900