Crazy Insurance Claims

When you invest in your insurance policies, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are protected in case of any disaster. However, many people try to take advantage of their insurance policies by making crazy insurance claims. Some of the wildest insurance claims to have ever been made include:

  1. While a couple was vacationing in southern France, they filed a claim to their auto insurance company after they walked out to find that the paint on their vehicle had been licked off by a herd of cows.
  2. Isabel Parker had a plan to make it big by pretending to slip and fall in different stores between 1993 and 2000. After “falling” almost 50 times, she filed insurance claims that reached almost a million dollars. After it was found out that she was faking it, she never received any money.
  3. A couple’s homeowners insurance company agreed to cover their losses after they had been vacationing in Malaysia and their clothes were stolen and scattered throughout the jungle by a band of monkeys.
  4. A woman filed an insurance claim against Cracker Barrel when she said that she found a mouse in her soup. After a mouse autopsy, it was discovered that there was no cheese in the rodents lungs, meaning that the mouse was not cooked in the soup. The woman is now in jail for attempted extortion.
  5. A man who was enjoying his vacation in Australia filed a claim with his auto insurance company after a wild camel kicked in the door of his car. After seeing video evidence, the insurance company provided a payout.

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