If your teenager is about to take the wheel, revise some safety driving tips with them.

As a caring and concerned parent, you have tackled your share of difficult talks with your children. From bullying to underage drinking, you’ve cleared many hurdles. Now, as your teen gets behind the wheel, get ready to have “the talk” about practicing safe driving habits.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death among teen drivers, often resulting from inexperience, drinking, showing off, and of course, the ever-present need to text!

Based on research, here are five points to help your talk about safe driving!

Be positive. Know that you can positively influence your child’s behavior behind the wheel.

Set a good example. Your teenager will undoubtedly pick up habits from the years of watching you drive. If you’re a good driver, teenagers tend to follow your example!

Know what to target. Some teens increase their collision risk by speeding, drinking, driving at night, having peers as passengers, and being distracted. Reinforce certain rules, such as no driving after 9 p.m., no texting while driving, only one passenger (to start), etc.!

Stay calm. Be rational, and set clear expectations and consequences regarding dangerous driving behaviors. Give lots of positive reinforcement, rather than punishing your child before they’ve even gotten out of first gear!

Keep in the loop. Keep a watchful eye on your teen’s behavior behind the wheel! Learning to drive safely takes time, experience, good judgment, and skill! Regularly talk to your teen and observe from the passenger seat once in a while!

Your child taking off in their own set of wheels is scary enough without adding the risk of them getting distracted from the road to the mix! Fortunately, auto insurance is there to help cross every bridge and smooth every bump in the road! Contact North Central Insurance for your Elk River, Minnesota auto insurance coverage.