When it comes to auto insurance, no two policies or drivers are the same.

Auto insurance is designed to protect you, your vehicle, and finances from suffering hardship in the event of an accident or incident. When it comes to deciding on a policy of such importance and protection, many opt for a low-pay, low-coverage option, or simply the first policy that looks decent.

This can be a costly mistake to make. There may be incidents and circumstances that your auto insurance policy may not cover, but you may think that you have protection. When it comes to filing a claim for such an incident, only then you’ll be regretful of not knowing your coverage – and lack thereof.

When it comes to gaps in your auto insurance coverage, here are a few typical lacking coverages that you should double-check before securing your policy!

Drivers & Vehicles
Which drivers and vehicles are covered by your auto insurance? Most policies provide coverage for you and your family members living with you. While your child who is living in a college dorm may be covered, your other child living in an off-campus apartment may be excluded from coverage.

Your electronic devices may not be covered for stolen or damaged cell phones or other devices. Should these items be stolen from your car, your home insurance may provide coverage.

Ensure that you understand your policy terms so that you know what you can file a claim for! For a personalized and comprehensive auto insurance policy, contact North Central Insurance in Elk River, Minnesota today!