How to avoid hitting a deer on the road this fall.

Seeing a deer in a field can be a very calming and majestic sight. However, seeing a deer in the middle of the road can have summon up the complete opposite feelings. Knowing what to do if you encounter a deer on the road can help to make sure that you stay safe. Use these tips with your auto insurance policy to help you avoid any accidents with deer this season.

  • Deer are most active in the early morning and dusk hours, so make sure to use extra caution when driving during those times.
  • Deer rarely travel alone, so if you see one deer near the road, there are probably a few more not far behind.
  • When it is safe, use your bright lights to help increase your visibility of the road ahead and give you extra time to react.
  • While you should always keep an eye on the road ahead of your vehicle, make sure to also watch out for deer that may be on the shoulder.
  • Never try to swerve out of the way to avoid hitting a deer. Swerving can cause you to crash into another lane of traffic or into an object on the side of the road. As hard as it may be, the safest thing to do is slow down as much as possible and let your vehicle hit the deer.
  • If you do have to hit a deer, call for help as soon as possible. Never try to move a deer that you think is dead, since it may just be stunned and can end up injuring you even further.

Along with these tips, making sure that you have the right auto insurance coverage can help to keep you safe on the roads. Contact North Central Insurance in Elk River, Minnesota for all of your car insurance needs.