There are good reasons to take safety seriously within your business.

A business should always be safe. However, there was an average of 89 workplace fatalities a week. In addition, there are an estimated $1 billion paid out by employers in direct workers’ compensation costs . . . every week!

Those business owners who have been slapped with a lawsuit will understand the headache that entails. Management must take the responsibility of creating, planning, communicating, and implementing safety programs work and are designed to fit their business’ needs. Additionally, employees have to understand their role in making their workplace safer.

This does not need to be a difficult task! Here are five key components of a safety management program:

  • Demonstrate management involvement – Management must lead by example! A visible demonstration to your employees that you embrace a safety culture is imperative to its success.
  • Clearly communicate your plan – If you have loopholes, gaps, and unclear expectations, employees will be less inclined to follow safety rules.
  • Train your employees to work safely – Safety training should begin from the moment an employee is hired. Ongoing training is also essential in creating a safety culture!
  • Review, revise, improve – A good safety program is dynamic and should evolve with the company. Adjust your safety program with any changes that occur within the company and regularly review, evaluate, and identify risks that could affect safety.
  • Investigate every incident and accident thoroughly – Properly trained staff with experience in investigation, analysis, and evidence collection should conduct an accident analysis as soon as the incident occurs. Report the claim within 24 hours to help ensure prompt response and injury management.

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