How Ice Can Be Dangerous

There are many beautiful aspects of winter, such as snow-covered trees in your yard. Unfortunately, the cold weather can also bring dangers, such as ice. Knowing how to protect yourself against the dangers of ice can help to ensure that you have a safe winter season.

When it comes to the strength of ice, newer is stronger. Four inches of new, clear ice can be enough to support one person, while a foot of partially thawed, old ice will not. No matter how much ice is on the water, the only way to ensure that you will stay completely safe is to avoid walking on it at all. Since ice does not freeze uniformly, it can easily be a foot thick in one place and only a couple of inches thick in another.

When ice forms over flowing water, it is even more dangerous. Always be extra cautious when dealing with water that is near bridges and streams to ensure that you stay safe. Keep in mind that ice that forms on the outside of river bends is much weaker since the water current underneath the ice is much stronger.

Even though it may seem like snow covered ice is stronger since it is colder, it is actually the opposite. Snow will insulate the ice, which will slow down the overall freezing process. The weight of the snow on the ice will also reduce the amount of weight that the ice will support, so make sure to stay away from any snow covered ice areas.

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