The Importance of Farming Insurance

Farming insurance rose in popularity after the Great Depression, and for good reason. Farmers of traditional row crops whose crops failed found themselves without a safety net at a time when protection for every family was desperately needed, and in the years after the Depression ran to insurance companies for the safeguards they wished they had years before.

Today, farm insurance has expanded and can protect farmers’ operations no matter how they look. Whether you grow row crops, tend an orchard, are farming hydroponically, or have another method for giving life to your crops, you depend on those crops to deliver life-giving profit to your farm and to your family.

It is a tragedy, then, when your crops fail. The good news is that if you have secured a farm insurance policy, your coverage can step in to make up the financial difference. That is right, with farm insurance you get all of the benefits of farming with none of the risk! Investing in farming insurance is one of the best ways to manage the unique risks you face in your line of work, and your policy can be tailored to protect your specific crops and methods.

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