Saving money is made easy with these smartphone apps!

Whether you’re saving up for a trip of a lifetime, planning for the future, or simply adding to your emergency funds, saving money doesn’t have to consist of living off lettuce, no fun, and coupon clipping. Yes, put the scissors down and start making a real difference to your bank account!

This is where being attached to your smartphone comes in handy. There are apps that you can install so that you have personalized budgets and daily tracking of your finances and savings.

Here are a few free apps to get you started!

  • Level – This app automatically updates you throughout the day on how much spendable cash you have by syncing from your checking or savings account. It then examines how much remains in your account after deducting what you’ve spent for the day. It uses that average daily spend to estimate how much you can spend over the next week or month. By viewing your spending patterns, you can determine where to cut back.
  • Unsplurge – This helps you focus on saving with visual and community elements. It starts with the simple question of ‘What do you want to save for?’. It then tracks your progress and shows you visual images, making your goal that much more tangible.
  • Daily Budget – This clean and minimalistic app calculates a daily budget for you based on your income and recurring expenses, then asks what percentage of your income you want to put toward savings. The app then breaks down that number to a percentage per day and month, which makes your savings goals feel more realistic!
  • Grocery iQ – Stay on task and avoid impulse purchases with this detailed grocery list. In addition, it has a store locator feature and offers coupons! The app is ideal for anyone trying to keep their grocery budget under control.
  • Shopkick – Not ready to ditch your shopping habit? The Shopkick app lets you find amazing deals and earn points by scanning certain items in store! Then, the points can be transferred into gift cards at partnering stores!

Do you have any suggestions on apps to help you save? If not, try these today to put you on the path to financial success! Receive ideal insurance to suit your financial needs and budget by contacting North Central Insurance. Our trusted professionals in Elk River, Minnesota tailors your policies so that you have optimum coverage – without breaking the bank!