Revitalize your hibernating home with these simple tips!

Now that spring is starting to pop up in Elk River, Minnesota, it’s time to refresh your home with some spring cleaning!

While spring cleaning sounds attractive, the cleaning part is less fun than we’d like it to be. Luckily, refreshing your home doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming! To bring your home to life during spring put these tips into practice!

  • Work from the top down and inside to outside. This avoids getting what you just cleaned dirty again.
  • Do one room, even one area of one room, at a time to avoid unfinished jobs. Trust us, to see each room complete and sparkle one at a time will make all the hard work worth it!
  • When tidying, reduce trips around the house by temporarily depositing items in one spot en route to but not at their final destination.
  • Make small repairs – but leave the bigger, trickier tasks for a professional.
  • Invest in good rubber or vinyl gloves to protect your skin and nails.
  • Dust before vacuuming or cleaning the floor. Household rags are invaluable as natural fibers work best.
  • Buy mops with a squeeze mechanism for a clean sweeping of linoleum floors (rather than a sloppy mess!).
  • Light a lemon, peony, or mint candle to infuse some fresh smells into your home living!
  • Bring some bright flowers indoors for some immediate bursts of color!
  • Put away the plum throws and dark carpets!
  • Fluff pillows, make the beds and generally straighten up your home.
  • Don’t feel compelled to do all the household cleaning in one day!

Now that your home is starting to look more vibrant and alive, ensure it’s protected! Secure your homeowners insurance in Elk River, Minnesota today by giving North Central Insurance a call!