Woodstoves are a great addition to any home, since they can help to keep your home warm and cozy in the cold winter months. However, woodstoves can also provide some problems with your homeowners insurance policy.

Thinking about this in August makes sense, why? Because it gives you time to plan where you would like to place it, in home, out buildings or both. You also have time to talk with your agent and get the best coverage’s to meet your needs.

The location of your woodstove could lead to your having a much harder time finding the right homeowners insurance plan. Certain insurance carriers have strict guidelines on where a wood stove can be located. For example, woodstoves that are installed in outbuildings are considered more dangerous and usually will not be covered under a typical homeowners insurance policy.

If you are thinking about installing a woodstove in your home, make sure to contact your insurance agent to ensure that it will be covered under your homeowners insurance policy. It is also important to make sure that your woodstove is properly installed and maintained to cut down on the risk of any damage being done to your house.

For all of your insurance coverage needs to ensure that your woodstoves have the proper coverage throughout Minnesota, contact North Central Insurance.