If you have a pool, you are probably the most popular house on the block during summer. While pools are fun for everyone and can help you cool down in the hot weather, it is important to remember to stay safe. Follow these pool safety tips to ensure everyone has a safe and fun summer.

Always make sure children are supervised when they are in the pool area.

• Install a fence around your pool with a self-locking gate to ensure nobody can get into the pool area unattended.

Make sure all chairs and tables are at least two feet away from the pool fence to prevent children from climbing over.

• Make sure you have the proper safety equipment around your pool, including a life preserver and hook.

Never swim alone.

• Do not swim while under the influence of alcohol because it can increase your risk of drowning.

Make sure your pool has a regulation drain cover and check it regularly for any cracks or damage. Replace the cover if there are signs of damage.

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