Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to properly safeguard your presents!

Even though Christmas day has passed, the presents that you received should last for years to come. Whether you received the latest electronic gizmos, flashy jewelry, a new computer, sporting equipment, or other expensive valuables under the tree this year, they should all maintain suitable insurance.

During the season of gift-giving, you may have accumulated some precious possessions! For those big-ticket items of a car, auto insurance will need to be purchased additionally. Fortunately, classic car insurance is available for those vintage models that you hunted down and bought!

Before the New Year, spare a thought for your homeowners insurance policy. Many items will be covered within your current policy, up to a certain limit. If your valuables and new presents exceed this limit, you will have to purchase additional personal property coverage!

Within a homeowners insurance policy, there is Replacement Cost Coverage so that you never have to face a significant loss of your item. In addition, the policy can cover belongings that are destroyed from fires, vandalism, water damage, or that have been stolen. So, not only do you get a perfect present under the tree, but you get peace of mind that it’s protected!

Don’t leave your presents out in the cold this winter! The holiday season brings special gifts that require special protection. At North Central Insurance, we take your needs, budget, and desired covered into account when tailoring your homeowners insurance policy. Located in Elk River but serving all areas of Minnesota, contact us today!