While you may be enjoying lighter nights, don’t let insurance failure darken your days.

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the flowers are brighter than ever – spring is upon us! With all of the pleasantries of spring comes unpredictable rain, snow melt, and a sporadic forecast.

All homeowners should take action to protect their home and belongings from floods:

  • Check your home for dangerous conditions such as overhanging branches or unsecured lawn furniture. These could become projectiles during strong winds.
  • Review insurance policies and make sure you understand the coverage.
  • Take a home inventory of your property and make sure your insurance coverage is still appropriate to what you own.
  • Get a professional to check that your sump pump is in good, working condition.

Along with the birds, flowers, and sunshine, spring can bring a host of dangers:

  • A common disaster during spring is flooding. Flash flooding can occur anywhere during heavy rain or a sudden downpour. Homeowners and renters insurance does not typically cover damage from floods – separate flood policy must be purchased. Note that you cannot buy this if you see inclement weather approaching. Coverage takes around 30 days to kick into effect.
  • Don’t forget about your vehicle! Minimum liability coverage does not pay for any type of damage to your own vehicle. In order to be protected from weather-related damage such as hail, falling tree limbs, or flooding, you will need to purchase additional coverage, known as “comprehensive” or “damage other than collision.”
  • Windy conditions and dry weather increase the risk of wildfire. Rake leaves, dead tree limbs, and twigs from around your home! Remove dead branches that hang over the roof, too.

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