Tread carefully – here’s how to take care of your tires!

Even the best of us don’t take care of our car. Whether you rev it too much or forget to change the oil, our vehicles can take a beating. However, with that said, there is one aspect of a car that should never be overlooked: the tires. They are what allow us to brake in time, speed up with ease, and save money at the  pump.

Even with the best intentions in the world, checking your tires will slip further down your to-do list. Here’s how to care for your tires, year round!

Pressure Point
There are several reasons why the correct tire pressure is important! Firstly, it can lengthen the life of your tires. Secondly, it can improve the road handling and fuel economy. Always ensure that the tires are at the correct pressure. You may need to modify this pressure if you are carrying a heavy load or traveling in colder weather.

Get a Grip
Never allow the tread of your tires to wear down too much. If the tires are beginning to go bald or if you see nails that are wedged in the grip (these are a ticking time bomb!), then replace the tires promptly!

Spare a Thought
When it comes to your spare tire, you don’t need to carry one with you at all times. However, if you want to fall back on using your spare tire in an emergency, it’s a good idea to check it regularly so that you know it will be roadworthy if and when you need it!

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