Modified Car Insurance

For many car owners, keeping their car the same way that it looks when it is driven off the lot is not an option. Adding their own touch with after-market products is the perfect way to customize their vehicle. While making your car unique is a great way to show your style on the road, make sure to consider how your additions will affect your auto insurance.

While you will be able to get standard car insurance coverage for your modified vehicle, you may not be able to get the coverage that you want with a standard policy. Souped-up vehicles are considered a huge risk for auto insurance companies, which is why they will most likely not be able to insure them for the amount that you desire.

When looking for the proper amount of car insurance for your modified vehicle, make sure to let your insurance agent know exactly how much work has been done to your car. You may be able to work with your insurance agent to get an “agreed value policy,” in which you will come up with an amount that your vehicle is worth that is not related to its actual value. When you agree on a value for your vehicle with your insurance agent, that is the amount that you will receive if your car is ever totaled after a covered incident. It is also important to keep in mind that when your vehicle is insured for an agreed upon value, depreciation is not taken into consideration.

When looking for the right amount of auto insurance coverage, contact the insurance professionals at North Central Insurance in Elk River, Minnesota. We will work with you to make sure that your souped-up car has the protection it deserves.