Classic Car Insurance Coverage

Owning a classic car is much different than owning a more current vehicle, it is more like owning a piece of history. Since classic cars differ from typical vehicles that you see on the road today, they need to be covered with the right type of auto insurance. Keep these considerations in mind when looking to insure your classic car.

  • Type of vehicle – there are three categories that your vehicle must fall under in order to qualify for classic car insurance, including Veterans, which are cars built on or before December 1904, Edwardian, which are cars build between January 1905 and December 1918, and Limited, which are special interest, rare, or limited edition vehicles.
  • Age – generally, a vehicle must be at least 15 years old before it is able to qualify as a classic. Some insurance companies will insure a vehicle that is under 15 years old if it is extremely exotic or rare.
  • Driver background – just like your vehicle, drivers of classic cars also have to meet certain age requirements in order to qualify for classic car insurance. Insurance companies also have very strict limitations on driving experience and history when looking for the right classic car insurance policy.
  • Storage – in order to better protect the vehicle, insurance companies require that your classic car is stored in a secure garage, not on the street or in your driveway. Some insurance companies will even require that you park your classic car in a storage facility that is specifically designed to house specialty vehicles.
  • Usage – classic cars cannot be used as your everyday driving vehicle, which is why there are restrictions on the amount of miles that they can be driven every year to qualify for classic car insurance.

To ensure that your classic car is protected with the right amount of coverage, contact the insurance professionals at North Central Insurance in Elk River, Minnesota.