Started a small business? Get it secured with the right protection.

If you’re a small business owner, you’re likely to be caught up with prepping, planning, shuffling paperwork, or putting new equipment in place. In essence, you wear many hats and work hard to establish your small business as a successful one.

While you may have the necessary security alarms and passwords in place, do you have the top tier of protection? We’re not talking about 24/7 surveillance of your offices, we’re talking about business insurance.

Business insurance is by no means a “one size fits all” affair. Making sure that you have the right insurance and that you are completely covered is something that many successful business people recommend.

Before you become overwhelmed with the different policies out there, here are the top eight coverages that your business (no matter how small) needs!

Property Insurance – Regardless of whether your business is an office or at home, you’ll need property insurance. Coverage ranges from protecting computers, inventory, tools, and other equipment used by your business from disasters.

Workers’ Compensation – A business could find itself in ruin if an employee is injured on the job and the business doesn’t have any workers’ comp. Coverage provides insurance to employees that are injured on the job, which protects business owners from legal complications.

General Liability Insurance – If a customer is injured on your property or from your product or service, you can fall back on this coverage to take care of the legal expenses and medical costs.

Commercial Auto Insurance – Just as you wouldn’t drive your personal car without insurance, your business needs coverage if you or your employees are driving a company-owned vehicle.

Data Breach Insurance – In this digital age, almost all employees’ personal information is stored digitally. Cyber attacks are on the rise, so it’s important to protect your business from financial strain associated with a breach.

Small business owners, don’t feel overwhelmed with the policies that you need. Contact the professionals at North Central Insurance to determine your risks as well as the right level of protection for your business in Elk River, Minnesota. Give us a call today!