Do You Have The Proper Safeguards In Place?

The intense winter we just weathered probably has you more thankful than ever for your home. It protected you from the driving winds, feet of snowfall, and sub-zero temperatures. Your home was your refuge through these tough winter months, and provided the shelter you so desperately needed.

While your home may look as though it is still standing strong after our rough winter, there could be issues of which you are not aware. Ice dams may have caused water buildup on your roof as the weather has warmed, causing leaks and weakening the overall integrity of your roof.  The spring thaw could accelerate the water build up, making this problem worse and eventually leading to a roof collapse.

Your roof caving in will be a major debacle, but that does not mean it needs to collapse your savings account, too. The weight of snow and ice is a covered peril in most homeowners insurance policies, meaning that if you have your home safeguarded with this type of coverage you will not be on the hook for footing the bill to repair your roof.

Furthermore, your home insurance will be able to help you repair and replace any personal property that was damaged in the collapse, up to your policy limits. If your home insurance includes loss of use coverage, you will not have to cover the cost of staying at a hotel while your roof gets repaired.

Is your home insurance up to the task of protecting you after a roof collapse? For the coverage your family deserves, contact North Central Insurance today. Your safety is our priority, and we are here to craft the perfect policy to fully protect your home. Do not be left with questions about your coverage.