How To Qualify For A Good Student Discount

If you have already reached the point where your teen has become licensed and you have added him or her to your auto insurance coverage, you have felt the sting of adding a young driver to your policy. Because young drivers are less experienced and statistics show they are also more reckless, they cost a pretty penny to insure.

Fortunately, your insurance agency knows that your young driver is not just another statistic. So you can save money on insuring him or her, your young driver has the opportunity to qualify for a good student discount. Here are a few tips for getting these savings.

  • Know Age Range: Good student discounts are not just for high school students. As long as your young driver is 25 or younger and is enrolled full time in high school or at a college or university, he or she has the opportunity to qualify.
  • Study Hard: In order to get the good student discount, your student needs to maintain a B average or be on the honor roll or Dean’s list.
  • Get Documentation: Your student can prove that he or she is maintaining good grades in one of two ways. The more traditional is with a report card, but a letter signed by the school’s administrator will generally also suffice.
  • Score Well: If you are homeschooling your student, do not worry that you will not be able to prove academic success. Most insurers will accept proof such as evidence that your student is scoring in the top 20 percent of standardized tests.

Is your insurance agent letting you know about this and other discounts to help you save on your coverage? For all of your auto insurance needs and great service to accompany your policy, contact North Central Insurance. Located in Elk River, we are here to help you get the Minnesota young drivers insurance that you need at the price you deserve.